Nucleus is the ‘CORE’ to all material in the universe. As the name stipulate a team of experts joined hands in launching a corporate to introduce a product consortium built around ‘Needs & Wants of Human Resources in Social & Business Environs’...






Human Resource Management Information System

Sports Body – Tournament Management System

Salesman Planner & Monitoring System

Sports Complex Membership Management System

Student Admin & Student Development System

‘H2H’ PDA based communication Helper

Marketing Statistics Gathering System
Resource Management & Scheduling System

Production Monitoring System

Preventive Maintenance Management System

Vehicle Scheduling & Tracking System

Customized Point of Sales System

Asset Management System

Club Management System


The Nucleus HRM iNsYs Information System is a windows based bespoke application. It is designed with the support of a HR Specialists...


Nucleus Time Keeper captures the attendance & provides critical reports demanded where the selection is decided by you...


Windows and with handful of features to make life easy.
It is multi user
Multi company
Multi Division...

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