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Marketing & Community Statistic Gathering System

Nucleus Commustat is a purpose built computer software application that enables the Marketing Statistic Gathering Organizations and/or Government Agent to capture valuable data in order to publish statistics of his Division. The systematically processed data and graphs arriving from the application allow the Central Government to allocate funds & other resources for fair distribution.

When using reports of the Nucleus Commustat, one can derive better, futuristic evaluations and modeling to conform to development programmes that are undertaken by the Central Government.

The Nucleus Commustat application provides the infrastructural database and when data is entered to the application, it displays graphical charts, and group statistics of the population distribution of various selections.

The Main Feature of the application is that it traces the Chief Occupant in a household, leading to the development of a family tree. This family tree captures very valuable information, leading to ethnic representation, age, educational background, literacy capabilities, earning capabilities, vocational knowledge, health and immunization, and many more.

At a time of a National Disaster, this application is used to capture information of the victims that can be then be centralized. However, the deployment strategy is on site, and then transferred to a central repository. When Aid is sought and later distributed, the strong analytic display available within the system allows one to make a fair judgment in the distribution work.

The beauty of the Nucleus Commustat application is that, it has sister products directly linked to other Nucleus products mainly:-

  • Nucleus CommuSchool – Student Management Application for Schools

  • Nucleus CommuHealth – The Community Health Support & Planning

  • Nucleus CommuSport – Planning System - Sport Complex & Scheduler

All NUCLEUS PRODUCTS have the standard version as ENGLISH and the application is available in SINHALA or TAMIL.

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