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Student Management Application Software

Traditionally we claim to have all information of the school in the archives. From time to time the information in the archives is used for various functions and as resources.

The important data generated over years continues to be stored. This makes it near impossible to analyze and arrive at un bias judgments.

As time goes by even the best student’s progress results; special achievements are bound to get buried in the archives. This information is traced only when the student comes asking for the leaving certificate. However, this condition aggravates when negative or unsocial events are recorded harming a grooming child’s future since the school administration will no doubt remember these events.

This doest not stop at student, it covers teachers who take a lot of pain in producing these one day valuable citizens. The academic members receive very little recognition & go unnoticed even when students receive district recognition or merits. The important roll played as Full Time God Parent within the student’s academic year gets very poor acknowledgment.

Lack of prior knowledge with regard to the parents & the students home surrounding, leads to misconceptions resulting anti social elements and early dropout from school.

Only method to address this is to timely gather & analyze the information captured and with regular updates provide information that benefit all elements of beneficiaries. It also allow the School Administration to take decisions that will equally benefit society and the academic staff.

How Nucleus School Can Assist

Nucleus Student Administration system is designed to keep information of a student in a basket.

The basket comprises elements for the Child, Parents, Teachers, Curriculum, Extra Curricular Activities, Health, Financial Standing, Siblings, Sports, Self Development, Discipline, Welfare, Social Activities and many more.

The basket is incomplete if the Teacher who support the welfare of the student is not maintained. Hence, there is an element to record the information of the Academic Staff who guide and help the student & parent to develop a career.

Nucleus offers the tool combined with mechanisms to achieve our responsibility with ease & utilizing knowledge

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