Nucleus is the ‘CORE’ to all material in the universe. As the name stipulate a team of experts joined hands in launching a corporate to introduce a product consortium built around ‘Needs & Wants of Human Resources in Social & Business Environs’...






Nucleus T&M Private Limited

Operations :
531/8 E W Perera Mawatha,
Pita Kotte,
Sri Jayawardenapura, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 773186261
Hotline : +94 727456456
Fax: +94 11 2882899

Registered Office :
Nucleus House’
75/7 Temple Road,
Nawala, Sri Lanka

CitiRep Office:
549, Havelock Road,
Colombo 6, Sri Lanka

Minimize equipment and repair costs.
Reduce equipment downtime/Maximize reliability.
Increase equipment efficiency/Prolong life cycles.
Boost capacity utilization/Increase labor productivity.
Lower your cost of ownership.
Improve deployment of assets and personnel.
  • preventive maintenance
  • Work orders,
  • inventory,
  • Predictive maintenance,
  • Maintenance requests           
    • Schedule unlimited preventive maintenance tasks
    • Procedures with automatic reminders.
    • Tool crib management
    Client trial version
    buying of license for Ayanova

    Create, manage and analyze work orders.

    Track and analyze equipment information and history.

    Make maintenance requests from anywhere in your company.

    Manage and track asset and parts inventory.

    Analyze historical maintenance issues and help predict future events.

    Use the powerful automated e-mail system to assist in notifying people

    Locate maintenance "hot spots" in your facility.

    Detailed Service Workorder with Grand Total
    Retail and Cost Inventory Values
    Detailed Quote with Tasks
    Loans Summary Report
    Vendor Contact List
    Service Contract Expiry
    Service Workorder with Zero Charge
    Client Claim Receipt
    Call Back Report
    Actual Total Hours Based on Entered Start and Stop Times
    User Billing Hours Report with Grand Total and Commission
    Unit History Report
    Schedulable User Travel Summary with Grand Total
    Part Profit Loss
    Workorder Item Status
    Unit History Report Summary
    Service Workorders Invoiced
    Report Parts In Service Workorders
    Customer Service Requests Report
    Rates List
    Purchase Orders Summary
    Meter Reading List Displaying Difference Between
    Summary Report of Contracts
    Detailed Purchase Order
    Parts Requests From Service Workorders
    Parts Requested Via Quotes
    Parts Needed For Upcoming PMs
    Parts by Project
    Misc Expenses In Workorders
    Next Service Date Of PM's
    property of Nucleus T&M.