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‘H2H’ PDA Based Communication Helper

The first of its kind, the Nucleus Team designed the Sri Lanka’s first ever Picture Based Language selector for the Hearing Impaired.

The system is to work in an Wi-Fi environment for the PDA units to connect to the Picture Server. The server is to be connected to internet for pictures to be down loaded and acts as a library for the hearing impaired.

The students initially use the pictures and sign language, the pictures are gradually being replaced with actual pictures of items.

The system functions using the local Sinhala language.

The beneficiaries of the system are students of the Sarvodaya Savan Sahana Seva School for he Deaf, in Moratuwa.

The pictures are grouped so that a student picks the picture from a group or multi group.

The picture translates to a word string making a sentence and the sentence is sent automatically to the teachers computer.

The teacher could send a word string that arrives on the PDA used by the student.

The student could make a sentence and send it to a fellow student, and the student can respond to the received message by a sentence built by him.

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