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Nucleus Payroll

Windows and with handful of features to make life easy.
It is multi user
Multi company
Multi Division
Network enabled

No limitation in a master record creation.
User can generate journal entries from the system.
All system generated reports are in Summary or detail

Half yearly / Monthly EPF/ETF return statements are generated from the
system according to the approved format.
C form, R4 form & R1 form are generated by the system monthly.

Extra Hour Calculations is system calculated (time in & time out is).
For audit purposes, system provides an excess hour report, enabling the authorized user to approve overtime.
These can therefore be measured on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Separate columns to enter Non Cash Benefits for Taxation & Sales

No limitation over the earnings and deduction in the payroll system.
User can create any amount of earning and deduction in the system.

All tax calculations related to salary & bonus is calculated automatically
from the system. (EPF/ETF automated) the other PAYE we provide reports enabling the deduction to be entered.

Stamp duty is calculated automatically.

Reports related to salary increments such as previous year’s information
can be generated from the system.

Attendance system provides critical information, and an entry module to pay Bonus. This can be in the Year to Date income of an employee record

Since this is a multi user system, others also can have defined access rights. Depending on the rights, a user can have access to current as well as past information.

System supports most HR management function to a great extend.

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