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Sports Complex Membership Management System

Nucleus Sport Complex Management System is designed to process data stored in a Microsoft Sequential Database which has advance security and performance capabilities.

Popularly known as Nucleus CommuSports - the product is a bespoke software made to support Multi Sport Complex catering multi products & independent membership management features. Nucleus CommuSports arrives with user friendly menus combined with the Point of Sales Recording system.

The Nucleus CommuSports system allows us to add new events or special programmes where rates and members can be nominated selected from the resident data base.

The Nucleus CommuSports keep a record of individual members information and extends the by recording family member details.

The auto expiry feature disables the member from using the facility and reminders are auto generated for the sales team to follow up on renewing expired memberships.

The system has a booking system and facility reservation planner that helps the front office to make bookings by calling the sport complex.

The graphical reports generated from the system provides extensive information for better facility utilization and easy comparison necessary to identify profit centre periodic performance.

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