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Attendance Recording a Nucleus T&M Product

Nucleus Time Keeper captures the attendance & provides critical reports demanded where the selection is decided by you.

Standard features of the Attendance System records the following:-

a) On Leave reporting to work
b) Late Arrival
c) Early departure
d) Early Arrivals
e) Late Departures
f) Excess Hours
g) Multi arrivals
h) Multi Departures

Nucleus HRM Attendance helps you with a single system to record and secure the
following reports on demand i.e. daily/weekly/monthly.

Nucleus HRM Attendance provides you with the following reports:-

a) Temp Employee attendance
b) Full time employee attendance
c) Visiting employee attendance
d) Outsourced staff attendance
e) Guests
f) Employee attendance period specified
g) Leave planner
1. for temp/visiting/ - per employee/per group/per div/dept
h) Leavers at work – per company/employee/group/div/dept
i) Late arrivals – per company/employee/group/div/dept

Nucleus HRM Attendance is designed to work with:-

Manual attendance systems
SWIPE CARD attendance systems

Nucleus HRM Attendance is a product that can be used with the integrated HUMAN
application NUCLEUS HRM iNsYs

property of Nucleus T&M