Nucleus is the ‘CORE’ to all material in the universe. As the name stipulate a team of experts joined hands in launching a corporate to introduce a product consortium built around ‘Needs & Wants of Human Resources in Social & Business Environs’...








Nucleus Team Support

Nucleus Team helps our clients in their automation consultancy work.

We at Nucleus T&M have professionals with a wide knowledge & hands on experience in asserting organizations to select computer software products and support them optimize the implement enabling the client to utilize hidden features of the purchased systems that are ignored by suppliers.

Our strengths cover financial products such as SAGE, Quick Books, Tally, Forum, Penygon & many other industrial proven software solutions.

If you are not satisfied with the support and knowledge transfer from your vendor, please do not hesitate to reach us to discuss and we will provide you with absolute headache free implementation consultancy or you are free to select our expertise services that first will understand group interests and then carry out implementations producing results enabling easy consolidation of the final results.

We transfer knowledge and ensure your nominated staff receive absolute training to be independent and managing of the computer software.

We also undertake group training either at your own location, or our business premises.

The training covers from basic to advance and mostly concentrated on interactive training sessions.

Nucleus Disaster Control & Management

In organizations IT experts regularly remind all levels of staff to use the computer system to backup their files in designated locations. To explain further, it is in a specific location generally marked, ‘Backup Data – Admin’ etc. We find staff regularly following this order, but senior officials tend to ignore this call, as they consider this reminder to backup as being meant for junior staff. We also have a requirement to backup emails and attachments. Many would not be trained to handle this exercise hence at a time when there is a system breakdown, faces undue stress in the recovery process. Other conditions known are the Internal Backups, External Backups, Internet Backups, safekeeping of tapes and data disks at Data Safekeeping Warehouses and Security Vaults. However, such data stored are listed as critical information in a priority order eg. Financial Data, Production Data, Management Information and information that are especially requested.

Another procedure we follow is for the storage of personal data backed up by individuals. We also encounter data stored in a mirrored disk where data is replicated.

However, have you considered the non-indicated data access restrictions!!

If you wish to discuss and use our expertise to carry out an investigation and learn how safe your organization is, please call our hot number 0773186261. Let us help you to be SAFE.

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