Nucleus is the ‘CORE’ to all material in the universe. As the name stipulate a team of experts joined hands in launching a corporate to introduce a product consortium built around ‘Needs & Wants of Human Resources in Social & Business Environs’...






Nucleus T&M Private Limited

Operations :
531/8 E W Perera Mawatha,
Pita Kotte,
Sri Jayawardenapura, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 773186261
Hotline : +94 727456456
Fax: +94 11 2882899

Registered Office :
Nucleus House’
75/7 Temple Road,
Nawala, Sri Lanka

CitiRep Office:
549, Havelock Road,
Colombo 6, Sri Lanka


A software system to integrate distributor to the head office and provide both YOUR BUSINESS& Distributor with following key reports:-

 a) Salesman daily route planner
 b) Sales reports
 c) Productivity
 d) Age list of debtors
 e) Salesman’s productivity report
 f) Samples/Free issues cost analysis
 g) District/Region/Street/Sales Patterns/Consumer Behavior
 h) Stock Movement
 i) Collection
 j) Delivery Scheduler/Truck Planner
 k) Re-Order from HO
 l) Shelf Life/Turnover
 m) Promotions
 n) Sales Budgets vs Actual measuring without further staff intervention
 o) Stop re-entering of data
 p) system generates invoices/credit notes/returns/Delivery order/Purchase order/picking list/packing list/
 q) Audit trail of all transactions
 r) Customer Records
 s) Key Customer Sales Records/Buying Record/Analysis per sales/marketing plans of YOUR BUSINESS
 How it works
 a) Head Office Application identifies each ‘Distributor’
 b) Application to be installed at ‘YOUR BUSINESSM Head Office’
 c) Application to be installed at ‘Distributor point
 d) a & b are friendly applications that talks through a common interface
 e) a & b connects using Internet where ADSL is available – Provides real time on line data
 f) Sends an Email Attachment for the Head Office to read and import to the head office system
 Cost/Benefit analysis
 1) Cost of software per distributor per month is 30*$ (720*$) depreciated in 24 months (*conditions apply)
 2) Having the software & by using per the supplier’s recommendations YOUR BUSINESSM will receive ‘fast decision making & real time results tracking’ at the finger tips
 3) No manual data entry and form/daily/weekly/monthly reports & schedule-auto generates
 4) Daily collection & settlement of outstanding is streamlined with extra benefit to the Distributor
 5) Stock Holding & Delivery & visits can be scheduled better reducing loss/unproductive time
 6) Easy Transfer of a Dealership to a new partner with outstanding and inventory balances customer database, past information is available for investigation & valid

What are the data/info to be transferred between Distributor & Head office


Following information is available at both locations for fast tracking and decision making

 a) Customer
 b) Product
 c) Sales
 d) Debit Collection
 e) Salesman Activity Planner
 f) New Schemes
 g) Free & Samples
 h) Sales Stats
 i) Budgets vs Actual
 j) Sales Order
 k) Purchase Orders –auto generate when stocks at distributor falls below re order
 What are the other Hardware that will be needed for the system to work
 a) PC for Distributor
 b) PC for Head Office
 c) Dot Matrix Printer at Distributor
 d) Dot Matrix Printer at Head Office (To Share)
 e) ADSL or Modem to dial to internet
 f) Telephone line with internet dial facility (both locations)
 g) UPS if electric power supply is not stable
How it works
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