Nucleus is the ‘CORE’ to all material in the universe. As the name stipulate a team of experts joined hands in launching a corporate to introduce a product consortium built around ‘Needs & Wants of Human Resources in Social & Business Environs’...






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Where is it? - Asset Tracking - Asset Management

RFID can be used to track more things than can be imagined, from tools to toilets and people to paintings. NUCLEUS T&M RFID can help you develop systems that can either track items from zone to zone or help you pin point specific location of items. You can now track or locate high priced or mission critical items anywhere, anytime using NUCLEUS T&M RFID’s diverse hardware and LocateWare™ RFID middleware.

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Tracking and locating capability may be a security or health and safety requirement.NUCLEUS T&M RFID’s solutions satisfy the needs of a diverse community of users. Our full range of RFID readers,tags and software can be
used tosupport first responders, secure parking areas, track admission to secure areas, track and locate critical assets such as computers, test equipment and life saving apparatus. Manufacturing is using RFID to track WIP (work in progress), semi-finished goods and finished goods. Transportation and logistics now have a cost-effective way of tracking goods in transit as well as the associated moving equipment itself

NUCLEUS T&M RFID has watched the RFID landscape continually change and has kept pace with these changes by introducing an ever expanding portfolio of technologies to satisfy the broad variety of business requirements. NUCLEUS T&M RFID offers solutions that utilize low frequency (LF) and high frequency (HF) for the livestock tracking and monitoring industry. Access control solutions can require the rigid standards of HF or the flexibility of UHF (Ultra High Frequency) or active technology.

Valuable and mission critical assets exist on many environments. Healthcare uses RFID to track and locate mission critical assets. Healthcare is also using RFID is improve patient bedside care protocols, establish safeguards for the tracking of movement of new born babies as well as safeguard the custody of senior patients. UHF combined with LocateWare™ is a cost effect way of tracking the movement of assets within an enterprise. Active technology combined with LocateWare™ can be used to locate assets within any monitors space, indoors or outdoors
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NUCLEUS T&M RFID is helping manufacturing to track WIP and assembly line components and tools. A manufacturer’s inability to locate semi-finished goods when required can severely impact productivity. Active RFID working in combination with LocateWare™ can eliminate hours of searching for tools and products. Active RFID is addressing the problems related to bulk storage and retrieval. When a traditional warehouse setup is not practical, active RFID can be the solution.

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